Tommie Turvey's Professional Animals

Trained Animals for Film & Entertainment

in stalls at the Kingdom

We provide animals with personality along with qualified trainers and wranglers.

Film - Television & Commercials


Featuring Tommie Turvey's and his Amazing horses, perform "live" acts that will astound you and your audience.

Live Entertainment Educational Seminars Special Events

Tommie Turvey training horses to do extraordinary things.

Including: Proper Techniques, Animal and Handler Safety, Actor/Actress Training and Safety, Specific Hero Horse or Animal Training, General Horsemanship, Trick Training and Group or One-On-One Lessons.

Horsemanship Training Horse and Human


Roman Riding - Liberty - Comedy - Chariot Races - Trick Roping -

Working Dogs & more!

William Shatner and Tommie Turvey

“Tommie Turvey is a true artist. With his love of horses, he creates Magic, Imagination and Inspiration.”

~William Shatner

* Tommie Turvey is a trained stunt professional and animal trainer. All animals are trained and provided in the safest manor possible according to guidelines and standards  of the film industry

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