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Tommie and his team works with your Production to assure continuity and director approval. We document (video) the training and prep work and make it available to AHA and the production team. We want to exceed your expectations and make it easier for you.

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Featuring The Riding Instructor "Funniest Horse Act", High Speed Chariot Races, Fast Action Roman Riding, Heart String Tugging Liberty and Meet Famous Movie & TV Horse Stars!

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Tommie's techniques and training programs are designed for all levels and disciplines. We train you and your horse to get you to the next level. From Liberty to Trick Riding to basic and advanced Horsemanship, we can help you ride with more confidence and create a strong connection. We can help create an act or performance for you or help you give it the finishing touch.

Horsemanship Training



30+ years as an Equine Entertainer

2-Time NFR Act of The Year

Tommie's Performances are a perfect fit to all Equine Events

“Tommie Turvey is a true artist. With his love of horses, he creates Magic, Imagination and Inspiration.”

~William Shatner

* Tommie Turvey is a professional stuntman and animal trainer. All animals are trained in the safest manor possible. Tommie understands and follows  American Humane Association (AHA) guidelines.

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Providing safe, well- trained animals for entertainment and inspiring all animal lovers to do more with their four legged friends.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to ride a horse? Horse training can be a fun and challenging experience, but it's important to know the basics before you get started. Horse training begins with building trust between the horse and trainer. Once that foundation is established, the horse can be taught basic commands such as "stop," "go," and "turn." From there, more advanced concepts such as lateral movements and jumping can be introduced. With patience, practice, and proper instruction, anyone can learn how to train a horse.

What is Horse Training?

Horse training is the process of teaching horses to obey human commands and/or teaching horses to perform certain tasks, such as pulling carriages or plowing fields. There are many different techniques and methods of horse training, but all involve communicating with the horse in a way that it understands and creating a willing and obedient partner. Horse training is important for safety, because a well-trained horse is more likely to behave predictably under any circumstance. It is also important for the welfare of the horse, because an untrained horse can be dangerous to both the rider and other people or animals around it.

What Does a Horse Trainer Do?

A horse trainer is responsible for teaching a horse how to behave and perform certain tasks. They must be able to understand the horse's body language and communicate with them in order to get them to obey. Horse trainers must also be able to ride the horse themselves. A horse trainer is responsible for developing and implementing a training program for horses. They work with horses of all ages, from young foals to retired horses, to help them learn the skills they need to be successful in their chosen discipline.

Horse Training Methods

Trainers use a variety of methods to train horses, depending on the goals of the horse and the trainer. Some common methods include classical dressage, natural horsemanship, and clicker training. Trainers may also use bits, spurs, and other tools to cue the horse and get the desired response. There are a variety of methods for training horses. Some trainers prefer positive reinforcement, while others use punishment-based methods. There are pros and cons to both styles of training.

Positive reinforcement training is based on the theory that animals will repeat behaviors that result in a positive outcome for them. This type of training is often used with dogs, as they can be trained very easily with rewards such as treats or petting. Horses are less motivated by food rewards, but they can be motivated by other things, such as getting to run around or being allowed to do something they enjoy. Punishment training involves using an aversive stimulus, such as a whip or electric shock, to discourage undesirable behavior. The desensitization and classical conditioning approach uses repeated exposure to a stimulus in order to reduce the horse's fear or anxiety response.

Why Do You Need Tommie Turvey?

Not only is Tommie the best at what he does, but he has countless years of experience as a successful horse trainer and entertainer. Tommie turvey cares about the well-being of these beautiful creatures and understands and follows the American Humane Association (AHA) guidelines. You won’t find anyone else better in the game.


If you are looking for horse training, look no further than Tommie Turvey. Tommie has over 30 years of experience training horses, and he can help you and your horse achieve your goals. Visit Tommie's website to learn more about his training methods and how he can help you and your horse.