Professional Animals and Stunt Horses

Professional Animal Trainer

Monmouth Co. Fair NJ July 25-28

Come see what it takes to train animals for filming stunts and other incredible behaviors. Monmouth Co Fair NJ.

in stalls at the Kingdom

30+ years
Script Breakdown
Professional & Training Ethics
Tommie and his team works with your Production to assure continuity and director approval. We document (video) the training and prep work and make it available to AHA and the production team. We want to exceed your expectations and make it easier for you.

Television Commercials & Feature Films


Featuring The Riding Instructor "Funniest Horse Act", High Speed Chariot Races, Fast Action Roman Riding, Heart String Tugging Liberty and Meet Famous Movie & TV Horse Stars!

Live Entertainment for Rodeos, Circus, Fairs & Horse Expos


Tommie's techniques and training programs are designed for all levels and disciplines. We train you and your horse to get you to the next level. From Liberty to Trick Riding to basic and advanced Horsemanship, we can help you ride with more confidence and create a strong connection. We can help create an act or performance for you or help you give it the finishing touch.

Horsemanship Training



30+ years as an Equine Entertainer

2-Time NFR Act of The Year

Tommie's Performances are a perfect fit to all Equine Events

“Tommie Turvey is a true artist. With his love of horses, he creates Magic, Imagination and Inspiration.”

~William Shatner

* Tommie Turvey is a professional stuntman and animal trainer. All animals are trained in the safest manor possible. Tommie understands and follows  American Humane Association (AHA) guidelines.

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