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Professional Animals – Guidelines for COVID19


In response to the COVID19 Pandemic here are new Guidelines for the safety of staff and clients. We have instituted policies recommended by the CDC, Federal and State Governments until further notice.

Williamson, GA Training Facility

  • Despite unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, we are very much open for business and ready for when productions start back up. During these unsettling times, you will continue to receive the same high level of service and safety you’ve come to expect from us as we have adopted these guidelines to keep everyone safe.
  • Our training facility is located on 50 acres and closed to the General Public. Capacity of the Training Facility will not exceed 9 people for training with groups not to exceed more than 3.
  • We have a security gate and are closed to the general public. Only clients with an appointment or on-site staff are allowed to be at the facility. Our staff is checked for symptoms daily and logged. Our log book is available by request.
  • All clients and staff are given face masks and hand sanitizer while on property.
  • Social distancing of at least 6’ is followed. Instruction will be given at this distance with no contact of person to person unless help or safety issue arrises. 
  • All equipment which will be used by another person shall be wiped down and cleaned with disinfectant before and after each use, including saddles, reins, and tack. All other shared equipment such as brushes, picks, forks, etc… will be cleaned and disinfected after each use by the user. Supplies will be on hand and available for quick and easy cleaning. 
  • All riders will continue to be given cleaned and disinfected helmets while riding with anyone under 18 years of age is mandatory. Each rider will have an instructor watching for their safety. 
  • Our facility is open air with plenty of space for non-contact training and instruction. We have an open riding arena and a covered riding arena for all weather training.
  • All common areas where clients and staff are using will be cleaned and disinfected, such as gates, railings, door handles, and key pads after each use as well as daily cleaning of these areas.
  • Horses are not carriers and cannot transmit CoVid19 to humans. They pose no risk and are not subject to any additional guidelines.
  • Or goal is to continue our safety and instructional learning with the extra layer of protection and protocol to keep CoVid19 away or from spreading. We will make it comfortable and enjoyable while being safe and protected. 

On-Set / Off Property

  • Any staff member which will be on-set will be monitored for symptoms and temperature tested and logged. Any staff member with symptoms and a temperature of 100.3 or higher will not be allowed on set until quarantined or testing negative to COVID19.
  • Only critical staff members will be allowed on-set. No guests, non-staff or outsiders will be allowed at any time.
  • All equipment to be used on-set will be cleaned, disinfected and wiped down before and after each change of user by our staff/wranglers.
  • Any contact with or near any other person by our staff will be done while wearing a Face Mask and use of hand sanitizer and/or hand washing before and after contact. 
  • Horses have been determined to not be a carrier of COVID19 and cannot transmit COVID19 to humans. They pose no risk and are not subject to any additional guidelines except for the cleaning of any tack that is being used or touched by a humans.
  • All current safety measures for horse riding will continue to be followed in addition to these added measures.
  • New Guidelines for safety of staff and clients will remain in place until further notice. We have instituted policies recommended by the CDC, Federal and State Governments.