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Tommie Mack Turvey II

The Artist of Horsemanship

Tommie's first job in bringing out the best in a horse was the in auction ring.

Often riding young green untrained horses, Tommie would jump on  with just a halter and ride bareback. He would ride the horse back and forth in a 12x20 foot ring while the Auctioneer proclaimed "look even a 10 year old kid can ride this horse".

The "Artist" was born.

In 1989 at 19 years old, Tommie began working at Arabian Nights in Kissimmee FL.  Glen Randall, Corky Randall,  Kim Barteau,

Rex Rossi,  Gaylord Maynard were just some of the great trainers

from which Tommie learned.

Roman Riding, Trick riding, Bareback, Liberty, Driving, Dressage...

All this while performing in front of  1200  dinner guests.

Tommie's favorite act was the "Riding"act, aka"Bareback"  aka"Rosinback". This act allows the rider to ride any way he/she chooses. Standing on a cantering  horse, he would jump though rings of fire and back summersault  from one horse to another all this while maintaining  a beautiful artistic pose.

Tommie landed a job in Paris France in 1992 working for Mario Luraschi,  one of the greatest horseman alive. After two years Tommie returned and toured with the Royal Haneford Circus. After three years he developed and created his own signature acts, including  THE RIDING INSTRUCTOR with over 5 million views on Youtube.

Tommie Turvey 7 years old.

Pokerjoe and Tommie

"Unharness Their Spirit

"Set Free Your Emotions"

Tommie Turvey