Tommie's resume

Feature Film & Television

The Walking Dead

Blade and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

Blade and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

Blade and Andrew between takes

The Black and Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead

The Black in The Walking Dead

The Black and Tommie

Larry The Cable Guy & Pokerjoe in Whitless Protection

Blade and Tommie in Star Ship Chronicles

The Sunday Horse Vic Armstrong

Odd Job Bob The Greening of Whitney Brown


Sage (Snowball) Hasbro commercial

Joker and Tommie On Absorbine Jr.

Budweiser Clydsedale Superbowl com. Brotherhood

Budweiser Clydesdale com. Brotherhood


Budweiser Clydesdale commercial Brotherhood


Bill and Don Jeans Brotherhood

Nicolous and Keith Meriweather on Selma

5 Mini Horses on Tires Plus

Odd Job Bob and Sammi Hanratty on The Greening of Whitney Brown

Blade and Tommie on Turn

Blade and Tommie on Turn

We supply:

Stunt, Cast and Background horses. Driving teams, Chariots, Wagons  and Horse equipment...

We give lessons to the talent so they are comfortable with the horse and look good  riding.

Safety for the horse and the crew is our number one concern. We will not bring an unqualified horse on set.

For a script breakdown, please contact:

Tommie at 470.239.0313
or cell phone 916.943.6067

LIVE​ Shows

Live Show Bookings

Phone: 470.239.0313

Tommie has developed some the most memorable acts with horses available today. Each act is different and unique, bringing out the beauty and strengths of the horse. With edge of your seat roman riding and fire jump, to hilarious comedy, beautiful Liberty with his two Paint horses, and an incredible fun time with his wild Mustang, Blade and his heeler dogs, Maverick and Deuce.  There is something for every audience at any age.

Private Training

We teach the Art of Horsemanship, the Art of Liberty, and the Art of Trick training.

There are many different ways to train a horse. All horse trainers use techniques based on their, Personal experiences, Event / Disciplines and from whom they have learned.

The behaviors we teach are fun,  entertaining and practical. With an end result of a well mannered and sound minded horse.

From beginners wanting a better connection with their horse to competitive clinicians wanting to stand out at their next show.

We have a program for you.

Training INFO

916 943 6067

The Art of Horsemanship Clinics

We offer:

3 and 5 day training clinics.

At our Ranch and select ranches around the world.

We know All horses and riders have different agendas.

We specialize  in bringing out the best of  YOU and your horse.  Our Clinics are for any discipline  and any style of riding. We use many different games and training technics to encourage wanted behaviors. We teach you how to use your tools and voice to discourage those unwanted behaviors.

We also set up really cool and unusual obstacle courses

to help train your horse to trust and believe in you.

If you are interested in being a host, being in a clinic or getting private instruction, please contact us at the links below.  The Art of Horsemanship will open your eyes up to a new way of training.

Clinic Info

For more info on being in a clinic or hosting one at your facility, please contact:
Tommie: 470.239.0313