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Do Horses Eat Sugar?

Horses have been beloved companions of humans for centuries. They are noble animals that are known for their grace and strength. But do they eat sugar? We’ll explore whether horses eat sugar and what the consequences might be.

Do Horses Eat Sugar Cubes?

Horses are known to enjoy the occasional sugar cube as a treat. In fact, horses have a sweet tooth just like humans, and they love the taste of sugar. However, while a sugar cube here and there is perfectly fine for a horse, too much sugar can be unhealthy. Too much sugar can lead to weight gain and other health problems, so it’s important to give horses sugar in moderation.

Why Do Horses Eat Sugar Cubes?

If you’ve ever been to a horse show, you’ve probably seen people feeding sugar cubes to horses. But why do horses eat sugar cubes? As it turns out, horses are naturally attracted to sweet tastes. In the wild, horses eat a variety of plants that are high in sugar. So when we give them sugar cubes, they see it as a treat.

In addition to the appeal of the sweet taste, sugar cubes also give horses a quick burst of energy. This can be helpful for horses who are performing in competitions or who need an extra boost of energy. So there you have it – the reason why horses eat sugar cubes is that they like the taste and it gives them a little boost of energy.


Horses are herbivores but just like humans, enjoy the sweet taste of sugar. Although it can be given for an energy boost, it should be given only every so often. To learn more about horses, visit – the best horse trainer in the USA.

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