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Do Horses Eat Meat

Horses are known to eat mainly fruit, vegetables, and the occasional sugar cube but is there more to their diet? Can horses eat meat? We will explore this topic further in this article.

Horses are a type of mammal known as an herbivore. This means that their diet consists mainly of plants. Horses are able to digest a variety of different plant types, including grass, hay, and oats. The digestive system of a horse is specially adapted to digest these plant materials.

Herbivores are different from other types of animals, such as carnivores and omnivores, because they are able to extract more nutrients from plants. This is due to the structure of their digestive system and the types of bacteria that live in their gut.

The gut of a horse is lined with a thick layer of mucus. This mucus allows the Horse to extract a greater amount of nutrients from plants. The bacteria in the gut of a horse also play a role in digestion. 

Why Horses May Eat Meat

Horses are herbivores and their diet should consist mostly of hay, pasture, and other plant-based foods. However, there are some instances in which it is safe for horses to eat meat. For example, if a horse is sick and needs extra protein to heal, or if a horse is very old and can no longer digest hay properly. So, can horses eat meat? The answer is yes, but it should only be given to them in moderation and under the guidance of a veterinarian.


As you can see, horses are naturally herbivores and don’t actively seek out meat. Their teeth and digestive system are geared towards eating plants and not meat however, there may be instances where small quantities of meat may be given to them to aid in healing. More about horse training you can read on this blog.

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